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From the creators of the Product Junkie Podcast, we present the Go Sit Down Podcast, a podcast for you and the people in your life who need to hear some truth tellin’. Let’s be honest. Life is hard and sometimes you have to take a second to take care of you. The Go Sit Down Podcast takes the time to explore theses ideas to help us all navigate our day to day interactions and be the best version of ourselves.

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PJ4 | 5 A Beautiful Finale

What a journey! We came. We saw. We did the podcast.

Thank you for joining us on our journey about beauty. Do we share the same take aways as you? email us you what you think about the podcast!

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PJ4 | 3 Hairspray

We continue our search to deep dive into everything beauty and hear from our expert Tammy Moss! Tammy is the Executive Director for Miss Plano/Frisco and Miss Teen Plano/Frisco. Wow! There is so much that we don’t know about this space and could the future of our country be in great hands?

Today’s beauty standards in social media…

Sports Illustrated swimsuit covers…

The pink tax!!!

Oh yeah girl… we go there!

Let us know what you think!!

PJ4 | 2 Beauty is as Beauty Does

How do you define beauty? How does this differ from societal norms? Your culture? Your family? 

Is it strictly external? (it better not be!) Is it strictly internal? When do you think people are the most beautiful? Why??

Lauren and Destanie embark on a journey about beauty and the standards that may or may not effect us all. How we choose to navigate them ultimately effects our behavior…right?? We decide what questions we are seeking to answer as we explore this topic and check our own biases. 

Tune in for the next four episodes as we discuss what the heck is beauty!

PJ4 | 1 Introducing Lauren!

Besides the fact that we’ve been gone for a minute…

Besides the fact that we are starting a new season…

Besides the face that we know you guys have been waiting…

We’re back! And with a new co-host!

We are changing up the format (again) but we really think you will love what we have in store. In the mean time, enjoy the great story of how Lauren and Destanie met!

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PJ3 | 5 Dishwasher Fights

We have a treat in store for you today!

Our guest, Elizabeth Overstreet, is a relationship coach and gives us all we need for better relationships in 2019. She’s the author of “Love You and He Will Too: The Smart Woman’s Roadmap for Happy Healthy Relationships.” You can find it on Amazon or the use the link below!

During our time with Elizabeth, she answers a few relationship questions and dispels a few myths about dating, marriage, and sex.

You can find her on Instagram @thenewrulesofdating


PJ3 | 4 Menu Meat

We’re baaaack!

This is week we have Kim Wilcott Harris, editor at Soul and Salsa Magazine and host of the Kimie Simone Show! She shares her story about how she started Soul and Salsa and who she would turn her chair around to for networks to host her new show. We also play a PG version of Smash or Pass: Talk Show Edition where we find out which shows Kim loves (smash) and which shows are a pass!





PJ3 | 2 Woke or Nah

Today's guest has a story that you are going to love! Her name is Rachael Carter and she not only has been through it is also going through it! In this episode we discuss literally everything: politics, homelessness, dating, and high speed car chases...yeah there was a high speed car chase outside while we were recording but because we are that awesome, we pushed through.





PJ3 | My Sexy Auntie

Y'all are in for a treat! We have Anita McNutt, sex and relationship expert, coming to grace us and learn us a few things. You will not want to miss out on the advice about how to get reciprocity in your relationship and how to make sure you and your partner are satisfied. Oh yeah, she's Destanie's Auntie! 

Anita McNutt


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PJ2 | 7 Sister Sister

The wonderful and amazing Englande Hill stops by the studio to shed light on mental illness especially in the black and brown communities. And if you were wondering, yes! She is the sister to our favorite cohost Iselee.

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PJ2 | 6 There's Doo Doo In There

We have the wonderful and amazing Laura and Doug with us in the studio; a lovely couple who are really good friends of Iselee with probably the cutest little boy ever! We have the best game of Never Will I Ever and we find out why Doug loves Barney. Go check out their podcast called Momentarily In Queue on iTunes!

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PJ2 | 2 Wash and Go Lies

Join us as we listen to Marketing Director and St. Louis native, Dawn Edwards, tell us about her struggles of being the only child and what celebrity follows her on Instagram that had us picking our jaws up off the floor!

Thank you Dawn! You are amazing and an inspiration. To buy the product she uses to keep that melanin popin visit I'm placing my order riiiiiiiiight now!



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5 | Church

Our girl Andrea Edgerson, aka Drizzy, joins us via phone to talk about Two Brown Girls Productions, her decision to finally move to NYC, and where she spends her Sunday mornings. Trust me ladies, you all will want to got to church with Drizzy.



Ain't she pretty ya'll!?!

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